Wajah Ubat hampir sama

Amlodipine vs Dicloran,the face is almost the same,but the function is different

Bismillah, greetings Hello, nah little graffiti memorandum
Make a look and collection of blogs today without video immediately?
May be given the grace of the Divine heart always with the medicine
Well met episod blogging voltaren vs Amlodipine in the puzzle?


La tolong jangan ambil ubat guna cermin mata gelap,elak drama kesan sampingan,walau pun anda terer sudah kenal ubat apa,,,?

Example when this ,,?

Appear almost the same   Tablet Voltaren    vs Amlodipine?

DiclofenacSodium 50mg, painkiller, take as needed,  Brand name Dicloran from India, .Voltaren, etc

One recent ammodipine 10mg / 5mg, from Sai Mira India?
Almost the same face of the tablet Voltaren? Be careful when the fore
with the risk of medicine almost the same, avoid wrong take grab

Her HUSBAND ,?amlodipine 5mg brand Sai Mira, India,, high blood medicine, until when the note in writing


her  GRANDPA, Amlodipine10 mg, Sai Mira brand from India, until when this note was written


before eating at home, try confirm the person asked next door, high blood medicine with a painkiller, if correct, please eat, otherwise  do not eat,


La please do not take the medicine for a dark eye mirror, or in the dark without a light? When her husband’s medicine mixes with grandpa’s medicine ?, apart from the envelop of the original medicine? avoid  drama side impression, even though you  already know what medication ,,, ?   which one is high blood medicine? which one is  a pain killer ? ask someone next door?

What so?
If eating Amlodipine the same duration with a tablet Voltaren?
Amlodipine duration of eating once a day only
If eating join the way tablets voltaren 1 tds seeds (3) times a day?
More dose? If a day is two days inedible?

Face, legs, body, getting swollen, edema?

Arm pain is not also relieved to take amlodipine 3 times a day?

,,,in the hope of painkillers? , duly grab a pain reliever voltaren tablet ,,

Oh Allah,(oMG), Laillahaillallah ,,,

,, etc ?, stop soon, see the doctor, the rest of the drama poison chronicles,

Pray for good health is not worse? Yeah right ,, the rest of you ,,

So, the road to the grave is so much closer if not careful
when choosing to eat medicine ,,? Astagfirullah ,,

So ,, ok,,,,,,

example of medicine almost similar to different functions ,,

Thank you,,

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