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fakta covid malaysia 30102020

fakta Covid Malaysia 30.10.2020

Salam Bismillah,Alhamdulillah fakta covid Malaysia sumber KKM

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  1. fakta selebihnya sumber KKM/30/10/2020

    Kes sembuh covid = 491
    Total kes sembuh dari Covid = 20,248 kes
    Kes baharu positif Covid = 799
    Kes Import =0
    Kes tempatan = 799
    Total kes positif covid = 30,889
    Kes kematian Covid = 3
    Total kes kematian sehingga 30.10.2020 = 249
    Kes covid di rawat di ICU = 90 kes
    Bantua alat pernafasan = 20 kes



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