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What Side Effects you should expect from the Covid Vaccine by Barbara

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The creation of several effective Covid Vaccines has brought hope for the end of this terrible pandemic.Although the risk of severe illness or death,especially  to the elderly or infirm , of a  Covid infection is frightening ,many are more concerned about the possible side effects of the vaccines.

The fear is understandable but unfounded.It is true that the technology used to create most of the vaccines is new and the vaccines themselves  have not been around long enough to determine if there are any long-term effects to their use.However ,enough research has been done to determine that the side effects suffered by most are mild enough to outweight  the risk of contracting Covid.

There are currently four available vaccines on the market .The possible side effects for all are the same. Here is a list of side effects  experienced by some who have received Covid vaccines :

     Swelling at the injection site

     Localized pain in arm the shot was the administered in

     Swelling in the lymph nodes closest to the injection site


    Chills and fever


    Generalized aches and pains throughout the muscles  and joints

    Nausea,dizzines and vomiting

While almost 100% of those vaccinated experienced localized pain,fewer than 50% experienced the more systemic side effects.

Studies  were  done to determine if there was a substantial difference in the number or severity of side effects based on race,gender or ethnicity.None of the studies found there to be a substantial difference in the side effects  based on those demographics.It was found that the number of severity of side effects did rise in the elderly  or infirm,but for those people getting the vaccine still  much safer than contracting Covid.

Overall ,the vaccines have proven to be  both very effective and very safe.The more people who receive the vaccine,the faster we can put this pandemic behind us and the more lives can save ‘

-Many Thanks to the Author ,sis Barbara from verblio


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