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Although Covid 19 Vaccines will help protect individuals from contracting the coronavirus,they are also reactogenic.What this means is that the vaccine is most likely going to instigate an immune response.Side effects after the first and second dose are therefore quite common.Today we take a comprehensive look at all possible Covid 19 Vaccine side effect.

Common Covid-19 Vaccine side effects:?

However the side effects will very depending on the type of vaccination you receive.

A side effect that most individuals will quickly notice is soreness at the injection site.Other common side effects include :

4.Joint pain
5.Mucles aches

Typically these side effects only last 24 to 48 hours.You should expect to feel a lot better within a few days.

How many People Experience Covid-19 Side Effects?

For starters,doctors say that experiencing side effects is a good thing.It indicates that you have a robust immune response.However not everyone will experience the side effects of the Covid 19 vaccine .

Only about 22.4% of individuals experience headache ,
while 16.5% experience fatigue
16.5% experience dizzines .

Although difference agencies are constanly collecting and evaluating data
it is quite clear that not every person will experience side effects from the vaccine.

Do Certain Demographics or Age Groups Have a Greater Likelihood of Side Effects ?

The younger generation experience more ponounced side effects of the Covid-19 Vaccine.Doctors associate this reaction with the fact that young people have robust immnune system .According to a report by the CDC ,

 65% of people under 50 report a reaction to the vaccination
However ,only 25% of people of age 50 to 64
and 4% of 65- 74 year olds experience side effects

Will I Experience Similar Side Effect With Both Doses?

The Covid 19 Vaccine is administered in two separate doses.However most people report more frequent side effects after the second doses.You should get a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine even if you experience side effects after the first dose.


Yes you should expect some mild side effects after receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine.According toDr Debra Powell the Head of Infectious Deseases station at Tower Health,the side effect are short- term and better than contracting Covid 19 and getting hospitalized for weeks.Ensure You and your loved ones get your Covid-19 Vaccination as soon as possible.

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